What is coaching?

Coaching involves a unique relationship between client and coach in which the focus is 100%, unreservedly on the client. It’s one of those rare times when you can be totally self absorbed and have someone’s undivided attention as you talk about yourself, your dreams and desired performance.

Coaching is often done on a one-to-one basis but can be done in groups and is very effective when used as a part of whole team development.

A good, qualified coach (and there are some out there who aren’t) works with a client to set effective goals and drive them forward in their performance. A coach helps people overcome any limiting beliefs they may have about their own performance or that of their team or organisation and arms them with the confidence, skills and tools they need to succeed.

Coaching is very different to mentoring as a coach will not advise the client, but rather, through effective questioning will draw out the answers from the client themselves, empowering them to move forward quickly and in the way that is best suited to them as a unique individual. This is why coaching is also incredibly effective and often used by senior executives, as well as offered to their teams

How can I be sure I will receive a high standard of coaching?

Back-in-Front operates to the highest standards. Our coaches are all trained practioners and members of The Coaching Academy, which means our code of ethics is synonymous to those of the academy.

The Coaching Academy is the leading coach training provider in the UK. To ensure the highest standards, the academy and courses have been endorsed and accredited by The Open College Network, The Institute of Leadership and Management, Association for NLP, The Open and Distance Learning Quality Council, Education Development International plc and CPD Certification Service.
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Do I need a coach who’s experienced in what I want to achieve?

No, it is only beneficial in terms of the coach understanding your terminology. A coach will not advise. They will avoid either of you getting bogged down in the content of what you want to achieve, but instead will help you reflect at the level which drives the experience – that’s the level of process. We help you to identify what’s going on and adapt the structures that hold these processes in place. Then you can apply them in all aspects of your life.

What should I expect and what is expected of me in a coaching session?

The sessions will focus entirely on you and all direction will come from you. Your coach will create an open, honest and completely confidential environment in which to explore what it is that really makes you tick, what you want to achieve, obstacles you need to overcome and how you will achieve. Your coach is trained to ask you intelligent, probing and challenging questions to really enable you to think creatively and confidently. You will come away from each session with agreed actions for you to undertake that will take you closer to achieving your overall goal.

Your coach may, with your permission, ask you to complete additional tasks to help you identify the really important elements that you need in order to be happy and succeed. You will be asked to complete these in your own time and whilst it’s up to you as to whether you do so, these tasks form a highly valuable and recommended part of coaching.

Your coach will give 100% commitment to your personal growth and help you take control of your life and shape it in the way that only you know how. If you give 100% too, the possibilities are endless!

How long are the 1-2-1 coaching sessions?

Sessions will usually last up to ninety minutes, with the timing guided by you and your coach, dependent upon need.

How frequently should I book my coaching sessions?

This will depend on you, what you are aiming to achieve and how much commitment you are able to give. You will need to carry out agreed activities between the sessions, so it’s not recommended to book coaching sessions more frequently than once a week. If you have a particularly busy schedule, you may find it more suitable to book your sessions in once a month – not ideal in the first few sessions of coaching, as it’s important to keep up momentum, but it’s possible. Remember, coaching sessions will help you reach your goals more quickly than you would otherwise, so finding that extra hour a week is likely to save you many more hours, days or even months in the long run!

How many coaching sessions will I need?

A course of six sessions is recommended initially in order to break down your overall goal, identify and work towards your personal values and root out and overcome any limiting factors you may identify about your ability to achieve it. As you become familiar with the process, you will feel empowered to apply it to the rest of your life. Those with some experience of coaching may find they can work with fewer sessions.

What is your payment and charging policy?

We offer an initial telephone consultation of up to 30 minutes, free of charge for new clients. Different rates apply depending upon whether we coach face to face, over the phone or on Skype and also whether you book individual sessions or a course.

What days and times can I book sessions?

Our coache, mentors and facilitators are flexible as we know our clients have different needs, so we can be available between the hours of 9am-8pm, 7 days per week. Call to discuss our availability for your preferred day and time.

What’s the difference between coaching, consulting and mentoring?

Unlike consulting, coaching is collaborative and is completely focused on developing you and helping you move forward towards your goals. Coaches recognise that we all experience the world differently and what works for one person, might not work for all. Therefore, unlike mentors, coaches do not share their own experiences, but instead use powerful questioning to help you to be more creative and empower you to decide how to move on in the best way for you. The huge benefit of coaching is that you learn to apply the techniques to all parts of your life and career and can continue to create opportunities for yourself going forward.
‘Give a man a fish, or give him a rod and teach him how.’

That said, there are certainly times when mentoring can be helpful and effective. As coaches, we are able to help identify which support service might be most effective in any given situation.  We also offer the benefit of our business and leadership experience in separate mentoring services should the need arise.

How are the workshops structured?

We offer standard or bespoke workshops that include an effective mix of coaching, mentoring and training to enable groups to understand the subject matter and apply tools and techniques to enable them (and facilitate their teams, where applicable) to move towards their goals in that area. Workshops vary in length, structure and cost. Please contact us to find out more.